Pottery Night Experience

Pottery Night Experience

Instructor- Ayla Lovell, Gabrielle Sparshu, Heather Mackinnon and Athena Photinopolous

Call us at 7804130118 to register! These are designed for adults or teens over 16. 

$69.95 for this hour and a half event. These events are on Saturdays and Sundays at 4 and 6 pm. We hold them almost every weekend. 

Not quite sure if you can commit to a full 6 weeks? Come to our Pottery Night Experience! Each class will be on the wheel. You will be given a demonstration and then go step by step along with the instructor, we try our very best to have you make a successful piece.  There’s bit of clean up and then you choose the glaze colour you’d like us to finish your piece with. You have the fun, we’ll do the work and call you when it’s done! It takes about 3 weeks to finish all the firing and glazing, we will let you know when they are complete!

We have spots available in July please give us a call! 

Call us at 780-413-0118 to register and make your payment.  

There are no refunds for missed sessions.  I would rather you call and re book than miss this opportunity. If you cancel with 7 days notice I am happy to refund or rebook you. If you call within those 7 days I will rebook you to a future date. 

After receiving your pick up call request you will have 30 days for your piece to be available.

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What to expect:

Your instructor will give you a demonstration then walk you through the steps for the best results. Usually there’s enough time for you to make a piece totally on your own and then you get to choose your favourite! One finished piece is included in your event fee, if you can’t choose between your pieces and want us to finish more of them there will be a $15 charge per piece. We are happy to add  an handle to your piece if you’d like but we ask $5 to do that. Before you leave there’s a clean up and then you choose the colour you would like us to glaze your piece. 

 We will be giving you a call in about 3 weeks telling you that your pieces are complete and ready to be picked up. 

 Please feel free to park in the back yard and use our back door.

For your comfort please wear clothing and shoes that are comfortable and that you are not afraid to get dirty. We will ask you to remove watches, bracelets and rings.

If you have long hair please bring a hair tie and if your nails are long (past the end of your fingers) please tell your instructor.

 Any missed bookings with no communication will not be refunded or rebooked.