We love that scene in Ghost too…

but it’s not really like that…. at least not usually.

We’re not afraid of trying something new, and you shouldn’t be either. When you come to a Viva Clayworks you will be sitting at the wheel within the very first hour of your very first class. The only way to learn this art, as with many things, is to get your hands dirty and practice. Our teachers are knowledgeable and our classes are small  to make sure we’re available to support you in your learning experience. By the end of your 6 week session, it’s likely that you’ll have a plethora of pieces to show for your efforts.

What are you waiting for? We look forward to sharing our joy for clay with you.

6 week Wheel Classes

We are happy to add you to our wait list for upcoming classes that are Wednesday mornings or weekday afternoons. At this time all the other waitlists are frozen as we work through them.

Never touched a wheel before? That’s ok, you’ll be sitting at one on your first day of classes. Our adult classes run in 6 class sessions. You would meet once a week on your registered class time. 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evening 6 - 9pm,  Tuesday,Thursday and/or Friday afternoons 1- 4pm, Wednesday 9am-12pm. Also we have Saturday 9am-noon and 12:30 to 3:30pm

6 Week Class Course Costs: $260 plus GST.  *Clay & tools are extra / Full payment is required at time of registration

Clay: $42.95/Bag plus GST Pay as you go.

Tools: $26.95 plus GST  one time purchase

Pottery Night Experience

Pottery Night Experience

Instructor- Ayla Lovell, Gabrielle Sparshu, Heather Mackinnon

Call us at 7804130118 to register! These are designed for adults or teens over 16.  We host these Saturday and Sunday at 4 and 6 pm.

Not quite sure if you can commit to a full 6 weeks? Come to our Pottery Night Experience! Each class will be on the wheel. You will be given a demonstration and then go step by step along with the instructor, we try our very best to have you make a successful piece.  There’s bit of clean up and then you choose the glaze colour you’d like us to finish your piece with. You have the fun, we’ll do the work and call you when it’s done! It takes about 3 weeks to finish all the firing and glazing, we will let you know when they are complete!

We are booking in September!

Please call 7804130118 to register!

$69.95/class/person plus GST. *Clay, use of tools & after care (trimming, glaze and firings) included. 

Call us at 780-413-0118 to register and make your payment.

There are no refunds for missed sessions.  If you need to cancel please give us 7 days notice, then aI can refund you your fees, if you call within the 7 days prior to your class i will rebook you into a future class. 

After receiving your pick up call request you will have 30 days for your piece to be available.

And also    ... Follow us on Instagram @clayworks.market to shop our Pottery  wares! 

Custom Firing

Already well versed in the techniques and have a wheel at home but need access to a kiln?  Bring your kiln ready pieces to us. Firing costs is based on space used in the kiln. We will measure your piece and give you an estimate. Contact us for more specific information.