My pottery career started right here in the Edmonton Clayworks studio in 2000. Within three months of my first time sitting at the wheel I was asking if I could work longer. The experience consumed me; there was always a mystery, always something new to learn or a problem to solve. It was invigorating and gave me a purpose to move forward. Within a year I’d begun teaching beginner classes. I was terrified but said to myself ‘Let’s give it a go’ and that became my personal philosophy. Follow @KJMacAlister for more images and dog pictures...

KJ MacAlister ceramics Artist Viva Clayworks

Around the studio there isn’t shortage of phenomenal mentors. I was always seeking more knowledge in books and videos as well as through the clay community.  In 2004 my constant hunger to grow and pursue new techniques led me to study under a potter in Japan briefly, travel around the States to fire wood fire kilns and around Canada and the States for workshops and continued learning. In 2011, I went to Northern Arizona University to learn glazing chemistry.

While I am fascinated by the mysteries and lessons of clay, what really drives me is the community that comes together in this art; beginners to masters.