The Salmon Arm studio started as a dream, sketched out in an afternoon and grown over the past few years. It is the place to indulge in a little clay play with amazingly well versed instructors.

The Workshop at Salmon Arm is a place to grow, learn, have fun and be a part of the community. This studio is the first step in some day creating a larger art residency program. The goal is to add many forms of art instruction to the Shuswap area.

At this time we are only offering six week adult courses. The time-line or resuming additional course offering continues to be pushed due to staff shortages. We have no anticipated start date for kids classes. We will be running date night/ pottery wheel experiences  and single evening handbuilding courses in the summer months. Sorry for the inconvenience and we will update this information as soon as it changes.

Classes are 6 weeks long. Weekly classes are held Monday through Thursday at

  • Monday evening (6-9)
  • Tuesday Afternoon (1-4), Evening (6-9)
  • Wednesday Afternoon (1-4), Evening (6-9)
  • Thursday Evening (6-9)

Starting Dates:

2023 Schedule

  • March 5th - April 21
  • April 24th - June 2nd
  • June 5th - July 14th
  • July 17th - August 25th
  • August 28th - October 6th
  • October 16th - November 24th





GST 5%

PST 7%


Six Week Pottery Course
*Six sessions, meeting once weekly for 3 hours. We take you through the entire process from wet clay to glazed and fired pottery. No experience necessary. 















The Wheel Throwing Experience (date night)
*try out the potter’s wheel without the commitment of a six week course. Clay, tools, and finishing of the piece by the instructor all included in the cost. No experience necessary. 

This class is only offered in the summer months. Please check back for updated availability.





Handbuilding  Night, 3+ Students
*Complete various handbuilding projects to be glazed by your instructor. Project options include mug, platter, vase, and much more (glazing included in price)This class is only offered in the summer months. Please check back for updated availability.





Raku/Horsehair firings
*Includes three mug-sized pieces, additional fee for more space





Please  email the studio at [email protected] to signup for classes.