I am now living in Winnipeg, a hard decision but right for my family. I know that I am still a part of this friendly and inspiring community.
About 6 years ago I began practicing pottery. It was something I had always wanted to try because I grew up fascinated with beautiful pottery. I quickly fell in love with clay and all of the challenges that it has to offer. I find it especially satisfying to create functional art. Follow me @KirstyKash

Kirsty Kash

The arts have shaped who I am today. I studied music and education with a major in voice at the University of Alberta. My husband and I spent two years teaching English as a second language to children in Taiwan. We incorporated music, art, and movement as much as possible. I believe that children who are exposed to the arts carry the positive effects with them forever.
I am passionate about maintaining a safe environment where young people can explore clay and challenge themselves. Working with clay is also great for developing fine motor skills, focus and perseverance! Getting muddy in the process makes it even more enjoyable!