Chloe MacPherson finished a year long Artist in Residence at Medalta in Medicine Hat, Alberta, from September 2018 to August 2019. There she fully directed her studio practice with a combination of functional ware as well as installation pieces in the means of still life creations. Exploring details of memory and the effects mundane objects have on the personal psyche, Chloe displayed her installation, “Her Loft” a depiction of her grandmothers sewing room at the Yuill Family Gallery in Medicine Hat, AB. Chloe is an AU Arts Graduate (formerly known as the Alberta College of Art + Design) graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics in 2016. Chloe has worked out of a variety of local ceramic studios in Calgary, AB. Fairview Studios, as well as Clay Creations where she created functional work to sell in seasonal local markets. She has now made a studio home for herself at The Shop in Edmonton where Chloe can work on her ceramic practice. The craft community surrounds Chloe once again, which fuels her creativity. Now settled in Edmonton, Alberta Chloe has become very familiar with the pottery community in the city that she now calls home. Teaching both wheel throwing and hand-building classes at the City Arts Centre as well as at The Shop allows her to keep herself familiar with the scene that is within the community. She also loves her job with Viva Clayworks working as a studio technician and a pottery instructor. Working with her hands since a very young age, Chloe has an excessive background in both textiles and metal-smithing, which highly influences the ceramic work that she creates to this day.